21a (1280x857)PETALUMA RIVER CLEANUP – 20th Anniversary – Saturday, May 3, 2013 – 8am signup at the Marina, or register online using the link below.

The Petaluma River is so much more than the murky strip of water that weaves through our little slice of heaven.  It is our largest park yet it gets very little of our attention, which is a shame because it is vibrant and filled with all sorts of wonderful flora and fauna.  (Although a rarity, I have kayaked alongside otters and seals in our river.)

It takes very little work to keep it clean and with just a few hours of volunteer clean-up we can make a real difference in improving the utility and beauty of this gem. 26a (1280x1020)

This is put on by the Friend’s Friends of the Petaluma River and the Sonoma Resource Conservation District and includes an environmental fair, free raffle, BBQ and live music.  Sponsored by Clover, the Sheraton, Camelbak, Wholefoods, Keen, and World Centric.

Come out and make a difference to the town (and river) that we hold so dear.  A few hours will make such a huge difference.

Register here: http://tinyurl.com/lekyqc4


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