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Petaluma Dining on Thanksgiving Day

For most, the holidays are all about family, friends, …and food. Coming together around an overflowing table of holiday specialties is one of life’s simple pleasures. For many, though, relaxing over the holidays means steering clear of the kitchen…and the inevitable cleanup. Statistic show that a growing number of people around the country are choosing to dine out on holidays, but Petaluma diners should call ahead as most restaurants have restricted holiday hours. The best known holiday dine-out tradition dates… Read More »


Serendipity – “good luck; good fortune; an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.” I have been furiously contacting tourist bureaus, restaurants and hotels about media comps for my upcoming trip to Europe. Many of my emails are form letters because it simply takes too long to write a custom letter to everyone. But, in Donostia (San Sebastian) I wrote two personal/custom emails; one to our absolute favorite restaurant in the world (…outside Petaluma, that is) and one to a… Read More »

How To Fix a Salad

And by “fix”, I mean fix what is broken. If it were natural for me to eat salads, it wouldn’t hurt my stomach so much when I do so. And by “salad” I mean the veggie ones…not the good salads, like potato, macaroni, crab, pasta, Snickers, taco, seafood, egg, antipasto, ham (yes, there is a ham salad), fruit, three-bean, Watergate, Wurstsalat, and caprese salads. I’d even take ambrosia salad over eating a veggie salad, if I thought it would do… Read More »

101 North Brewing wins at Battle of the Brews

Petaluma’s own 101 North Brewing Company pulled in top honors for their American IPA at last weekend’s Battle of the Brews, held in Santa Rosa. This is apropos because the winner of Petaluma’s upcoming Home Brews Competition, slated for May 23 at the Petaluma Vets Hall, gets to brew their winning recipe at 101 North with brewmaster Joel Johnson, and will have it distributed across Sonoma County. (Entry deadline is April 13, 2015 and can be found at http://www.petalumadowntown.com/brewers-application.html)  … Read More »

Beer and Cheese @ The Big Easy

I have it on good authority (as well as personal experience) that contrary to popular belief, cheese actually pairs better with beer than with wine. I can’t remember the chemistry exactly, but attend Janet Fletcher’s event at The Big Easy and you will learn all about why beer pairs so well with cheese. (I know, that’s almost blasphemy considering we are in the heart of wine country…but then again, we are also in the heart of beer country now too, so it’s… Read More »

Fools For The River Fundraiser

Fools for the River is a roaming downtown Petaluma food party, all to benefit the Petaluma Floathouse. Fools for the River is an all-day, all-night, all-out foodie fest for river lovers like you. River-side Restaurants will honor your Fools tickets with treats designed especially for this event. You can share your ticket with others, buy several to make a crowd, and use them all day and night, whenever the business is open. Celebrate our river-side restaurants! Only 100 tickets will be sold,… Read More »

The Food Trucks Are Coming!!!

              Yes, we already have a couple of good food trucks, like El Roy’s on Washington and Lakeville, but The Block Petaluma is promising a whole new experience.     Although details are still in the works, so far I have gleaned that they will be located at 101 E Washington (in the Autozone parking lot, across from Groco) and will be opened four days a week, year round.  There will be outdoor seating,… Read More »

Petaluma Restaurant Week

Well, okay, it’s actually Sonoma County Restaurant Week.  Coming to an end on March 15, it’s not too late to take advantage of the 6th annual Sonoma County Restaurant Week. This event celebrates all the great cuisine of Sonoma County. Depending on the restaurant, prices are $10, $15, or $20 for a two-course lunch, and $19, $29 or $39 for a three-course dinner. There are no tickets required, although reservations are suggested as this has become a fairly popular week for dining… Read More »


***This is an extended version of the article that appeared in the Argus-Courier newspaper on January 15, 2015.***   “Farm to Fourchette” comes to North Petaluma When you come to a fork in the road, take it. – Yogi Berra Fourchette (French for “fork”) burst onto the Petaluma food scene early last year, providing fast, healthy lunch options delivered directly to the cubical warriors of our local business parks. Starting with simple “grab and go” tables in the lobbies of several… Read More »

No Password Needed to Enter The Big Easy (EXTENDED ARTICLE)

***This is an extended version of the article that appeared in the Argus-Courier newspaper on January 1, 2015.***   “This is the Big Easy. Folks have a certain way of doing things down here.” – Remy McSwain – “The Big Easy” (1987) More than just the latest in a string of music venues to open in historic downtown, The Big Easy is a throwback to the age of flappers, flasks, and fedoras. It salutes Petaluma’s bygone era of back alley… Read More »