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Graffit Vandal Caught

Petaluma360 reports that the misguided youth that has been tagging public spaces all over the West Coast with “berg” and “greb” has finally been identified.  He was arrested at his parent’s home, here in Petaluma.  Although most are please, there seem to be a few that are defending him and his actions. http://www.petaluma360.com/news/3264144-181/prolific-tagger-caught-in-petaluma   I will admit that in my travels I have seen graffiti that was truly beautiful.  If it hadn’t been defacing public and private property it would… Read More »

Storm of the Millennium

MY STORM ADVICE… Do NOT stay inside. Okay, I’m not suggesting that you stay outside exclusively but I’d highly recommend dawning your rain gear (if you have any) and at least walking up and down your street…maybe walk around the block if you are feeling adventurous. First off, it will make being back inside feel that much more special and will really make you appreciate having a warm roof over your head. Second, it will help dispel the myth(s) that… Read More »

Something for everyone at Roaring Donkey (Extended Article)

This is an extended version of the article that appeared in the Argus-Courier newspaper on November 6, 2014.   My first foray into Jamison’s Roaring Donkey came one warm and sleepy August afternoon. Barkeep Justin knew his stuff and suggested a Petaluma Hills Porterluma…which scored huge points as it is one of my favorites.  Although pleasant and comfortable, when I looking around I had trouble figuring out what kind of bar Roaring Donkey was trying to be.  To top it… Read More »

Dear Pyrex…

There is nothing quite so disheartening (and infuriating?) as a measuring cup that “spills” instead of “pours.” I shouldn’t have to pour at a microscopically precise angle and an infinitesimally precise volume in order to have it pour properly. I’m talking to you Pyrex!!! You deliver never ending disappointment. You suck in all sizes. Maybe instead of producing infinite capacity options you should concentrate on produce just one single cup that pours properly. Your big one is especially frustrating in… Read More »

Book Sale – HUGE SAVINGS!!!…and it helps our library.

Hey Reading Fans…The Friends of the Petaluma Library help fill the budgetary gaps that our library faces as well as sponsors such great events such as the “U.C. Master Gardeners Series (monthly programs on a variety of gardening topics), periodic art exhibits, book discussions, and many other great programs. Their main source of fundraising is their tri-anual booksale. This books sale is currently in full swing and if you haven’t been, you should give it a shop. It started today… Read More »

Want an easy plan for Fathers’ Day?

…then do THIS!     Tickets are only $12 for adults and $7 for kids 12 years old and younger.  You aren’t going to find a better deal anyway…and nothing will make dad happier than this casual BBQ.  Tell him to throw on some shorts and flip-flops because you are taking him out for some of Petaluma’s best cuisine, at a location with ambiance galore.  One of the things I love about this BBQ is how casual it is.  You… Read More »

Day on the River

          If you haven’t been down to the river recently, you really need to.  It is turning into a wonderful hub of activity and is really starting to come into its own as Petaluma’s larger park.  Don’t have your own water craft?  …The Petaluma Small Craft Center has you covered. (I’ll be down at the docks volunteering – come say ‘hi.’)   http://petaluma.patch.com/groups/maggie–hohles-blog/p/day-on-the-river-will-be-at-boatboard-rental-centers-proposed-home http://petalumasmallcraftcenter.org/butts-in-boats/day-on-the-river/      

The Secret Kitchen…

se·cret – adjective …2. kept from the knowledge of any but the initiated or privileged.    I cannot keep the secret any longer!!!  You live/dine in Petaluma so you are clearly the “initiated” AND “privileged” and so deserve to know… “But some secrets are too delicious not to share.” – Suzanne Collins The Secret Kitchen is tucked away behind Agius Market and likely won’t be a secret for long because their food is outstanding!!! (…at the corner of Bodega and… Read More »

Happy Mother’s Day Ma!!!

Anyone that knows my mother knows that she is a giver.  She gives of herself to her family and gives of herself to her community.  It is the rare Petaluma non-profit that doesn’t have her on their roster of volunteers.  She is the first one they call when they need someone smart, caring, and energetic.  And she doesn’t care what the task is, she fills in where ever she is needed.  Whether it is handle tickets sales at the Great… Read More »

Dining out with a toddler…

…on the way to the Wild Goat Bistro with my mother and my three year old niece…   Me: What are you going to order for lunch? Niece: Bacon. Me: what?… Niece: B A C O N!!!! (…leaning forward in her seat and growling) Me: Don’t you want something else with the bacon? (…not thinking how silly that question is.) Niece: no…   This is followed by Niece giving a fairly long, serious, and unintelligible dissertation of some sort.  I… Read More »