Driving north on 6th Street I had a hard time making it through the D Street intersection.  The traffic on D Street seemed to be backed up as far I could see.  I then remembered that it was Friday afternoon and the draw bridge was probably up in order to let weekend boaters through.  As I turned from 6th Street onto B Street I could see that the skyline at the end of B Street was filled with masts, which could mean only one thing; Memorial Day weekend has started.

With incredible weather forecast for the weekend and lots of local activities, even those of us who weren’t brave enough to venture out onto the highways to spend a weekend traveling to parts unknown will have plenty to do.

Even as a Petaluma native, who has seen a boat or two moored at the turning basin, I get excited when I see a lot of masts scraping the skyline.  Although the boaters don’t tend to party like, say, a frat house, their presence can still be felt.  The whole downtown has a festive feeling with the turning basin is chocked full of boats.  If you haven’t been downtown in a while, this weekend is a good time to come.  Most of the shops are having sales, the restaurants are cooking with the first of the spring crops and everything has a relaxed feel to it.


This weekend’s events include such local favorites as the farmer’s market on Saturday.  Yes, the farmer’s market is back for the season, which means great vendors, great sample tastings and great music in Walnut Park.  For a great burger, hit the Walnut Grill and don’t forget to add bacon.

At 10:30am, Saturday morning, you can tag along for the Petaluma Museum’s docent tour.  Even if you have lived here your whole life, you should do yourself a favor and take this tour.  You will be surprised at how rich Petaluma’s history is.  www.petalumamuseum.com

Photo courtesy of the Petaluma Arts Council

The Petaluma Art Center is hosting a great exhibit that I actually saw at the Nevada Museum of Art several months ago and loved.  It is called, “Art and Infrastructure: Patricia Johanson and the Petaluma Wetlands Park” and more information can be found on their website at www.petalumaartscouncil.org   “Known worldwide for her large-scale designs, Johansoncreated the multi-purpose public landscape using constructed and natural wetlands to provide three miles of public trails for recreational use, educational programs, nature study and tourism. The park coincides with the $150 million Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility that simultaneously processes human sewage, generates crops and creates wildlife habitats, serving as a highly visible model for converting sewage into drinkable water.”  I bet you didn’t know that from the air, our wetland park was designed in the shape of an indigenous mouse.  There are other great exhibits sharing the space but this is the one I have seen before and can highly recommend.

photo courtesy of Cinnabar TheaterThe West Coast Premiere of Tobias Picker’s “Emmeline” opens this weekend at Cinnabar Theater.  So impressed with Cinnabar’s reputation, Mr. Picker has flown out from his home in New York to see the show.  He will be speaking at the “Cinnalounge”, a private event held for all Cinnabar Season Pass holders and prospective donors, on Saturday night. 

If you want to embark on a great little adventure on Saturday, without venturing too far from home I suggest looking into the Seamen’s Memorial Cruise.  This is a cruise on a WWII ship from the bay, out under the Golden Gate Bridge and back again.  If you have never been under the Golden Gate Bridge it is an impressive sight and this cruise the least costly way you will ever be able to do it with tickets only costing $10 for adults and $5 for kids. http://ssjeremiahobrien.org/

And if you still haven’t had enough Monday is the Point Reyes Open Studio tour, which is free to the public.  You can visit their website for more info at www.pointreyesart.com

I am off to Sugo for what always turns out to be a great meal. 

Have a great weekend and please don’t drink and drive.  If you need any more incentive than the fact that it is dangerous and puts you, your family and your community in danger, the PPD will be out in force.  Play it safe and assign a designated driver.

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