I’m a little disappointed by the local media outlets (KTVU, KPIX, etc) for not delving in a bit deeper, especially knowing that Petaluma is at the epicenter of the slow food movement.  But I can’t say I am surprised.  The more hype they can peddle, the better their ratings…although at the same time they seem to ignore that there might be a connection between that kind of business model and the fact that they are losing readership/viewership at an alarming rate.


Anyway, here is a great article by our very own Heather Irwin.  Kudos to her for going out of her way to give us some added information.  We might not have the whole story yet, but Hearther has certainly gone a lot further than even the big media outlets with unlimited resources.  Personally, I would like to see locals boycott the major media outlets, but that is just a pipe dream.  I’d like to see people start telling the major media “investigative journalist” or on-air reports that show up at their front door…”I’m not talking to you because I don’t trust the way you will spin it.  If I am going to talk to anyone, it is going to be someone local who understand our community and respects us.”  Too bad so many of us are star-struck and crave fame so much that we idolize the Kardasians that we don’t have it in us to walk away from a chance in the spotlight, even if it will be damaging to ourselves, our families, or our community…or heck, damaging to society in general.


That being said, the media is all about news cycles and this one is pretty much over.  If they were smart, they would recognize that they would get another run at this subject by bringing Heather Irwin on air to discuss the fact that there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there…and there may be some seriously suspicious stuff going at the USDA.  (Seriously though, if you don’t already know this, do some research.  You must have head your head under a rock.)


Here is Heather Irwin’s excellent article, Rancho Recall: The End of Sonoma County Beef? from Bite Club Eats


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