Heather Irwin, of the infamous Bite Club blog, is running her yearly search for the Top 25 restaurants in Sonoma County.  If you don’t follow her blog, you should because she is at the center of all things food here in Sonoma County.  If she isn’t a judge at the Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff, she is winning Humble Pie’s Inaugural Strange Pie Contest all the while bringing us great articles on restaurants, festivals, and all the latest recipes.

I was pleased to see in the comments section of her blog that she is running this poll both objectively as well as subjectively.  She is looking for not only which 25 are the most popular but also which 25 restaurants are the best.  This means that just because In-N-Out can garner a lot of votes doesn’t mean it will make the Top 25.  She is looking for our opinion on what is the best of the best…restraurants that will rate up there with the likes of Zazu, Girl and the Fig, and Zin…and hopefully, if I have my way, Sugo.

No matter which restaurant you think is the best in SoCo, help Petaluma get more of the culinary recognition it deserves by voting for your local favorite.  Let’s get SoSoCo on the gastrono-map.  You can probably guess which restaurant I am voting for…  You may vote once a day, with the votes being tallied some time in early December.  Since the order of restaurants is scrabled anew each time you load the site, I find it easier to run a search than scroll through the entire list searching if I know what I am looking for.   (Press the “F” key on your keyboard while holding down the “Ctrl” (control) key and it will allow you to search the entire page for whatever you are looking for.)

Thanks again to Heather Irwin for putting this together as well as keeping us all informed about the goings on of the SoCo culinary world.  If you haven’t yet, I would highly recommend subscribing to her blog.

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