Trick…or Treatcake

Nothing gets my attention quicker than the sight of cup cakes (except, maybe the sight, sound, smell, or mention of bacon.)  Personally, I love attending a party where cup cakes are served instead of other Zerts.  That way I get to taste a number of different flavors without completely destroying [...]

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It’s Not The Heat…

On my recent (and soon to be blogged about) trip to Europe, I ran into a nice couple during “happy hour” at a bar  in Milan.  The senora was planning a west coast trip to our fair country and started to pick my brain about the sights and the weather.  Because  she wanted [...]

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Food Event of the Year!!!

(post unedited) (the third in a series on the 2010 Taste of Petaluma) The 2010 Taste of Petaluma (TOP) is finally upon us!  It isn't too late; grab the wife and kids and head down to Haus Fortuna or Putnam Plaza to get your tickets and enjoy a great day [...]

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For those of you that missed it, Laura Sunday (The Queen of Cuisine) and I did an on-air Tuesday with Steve Jaxon of KSRO's “Drive Time” in order to promote the 2010 Taste of Petaluma.  The Taste of Petaluma is a culinary walking tour of downtown Petaluma, with art galleries, [...]

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Taste of Petaluma Recommendations

When I first moved back to Petaluma, I attended and fell in love with Taste of Petaluma “TOP”.  But with my passion for food, and all things local, I had a few suggestions for the organizers to improve on their already great event.  Inevitably, they asked me to “do” not [...]

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Hunchback of St. Vincent’s?

Every year during the Summer Music Festival, Cinnabar Theater presents a crown jewel to entertain Petalumans.  Last year it was Handel’s Water Music, played from a barge anchored in the Petaluma River turning basin.  This year promises to make just as big a splash even though it will happen a [...]

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Did someone say “Italian?”

--In honor of my upcoming trip to Italy, I have to give props to my favorite Italian place in town.  It goes without saying that the cuisine in Italy is going to blow me away...but Petaluma's Sugo Trattoria has set the bar pretty high.-- As you walk the streets of [...]

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Petaluma Weekend – July 17 and 18

Things To Do Around Petaluma  - The July 17 & 18 Edition (Please feel free to contact me with any events you would like to see highlighted on upcoming editions of Petaluma Weekend.) In the “better late than never category”, here are some fun things to do this weekend. For more [...]

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What Does Petaluma Taste Like?

The 5th Annual Taste of Petaluma is slated for Saturday, September 25th but DO NOT wait to buy your tickets since there will only be a limited number issued this year.  Get the special “locals” price before tickets increase for the out of towners!!!  (The last day of the “early bird” [...]

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Petaluma Weekend – July 9, 10, 11

Things To Do Around Petaluma - July 9, 10, 11 WE’RE #1!!!!!! Thanks to all my readers for helping push “Above the Brim” into the #1 spot on Petaluma360’s blog list.  Without your interest I could not have achieved the 3,300+ hits that it took to take the top honors.  [...]

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