Things To Do Around Petaluma – July 9, 10, 11

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Please keep sending me your ideas; without them, my blogs wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.  Your ideas don’t have to revolve around Petaluma since my interests are diverse and I always enjoy researching and learning about new things, places, people, ideas, and events. 

For more information on why posting your event(s) online is so important, and easy it is to do, please read my blog – Community Events & Online Calendars

DON’T MISS THIS…: Penngrove Museum of Power and Implement’s rare open house this Saturday from 10am-4pm.  To read more about this “Power Up”, see my previous blog – A Museum That Is Big On Power.

This weekend is all about Art so let’s start there…

Not local, but still a noteworthy event, Renoux’s Artown is in its fifteenth year and is an incredible event that kicked off last weekend.  “Showcasing music, theater, dance, visual arts, and more Artown has grown to be one of the most comprehensive arts festivals in the nation. Running through the entire month of July, with over 400 events (63 percent free) Artown continues to push the artist envelope and showcase why Reno truly is Artown.”  I have attended at least some portion of Artown for the past several years and am always impressed with how the gross Reno of my childhood has been transformed in recent years.  The downtown river walk area is incredibly inviting with great places for picnicking, swimming, and listening to music in their wonderful amphitheater.  Although not a local, I spend enough time in Renoux (…we are trying to class the joint up with more elegant spelling of their name) to know where to go, what to see, where to stay, and what to eat so please feel free to drop me a line if you need any suggestions.  With traditional food, music, and games, my favorite part of Artown is the Basque Festival, held this year on the weekend of July 24th and 25th but all the events are noteworthy.


…back to Ptown


Both the Petaluma Arts Council and the Petaluma Museum are putting together their upcoming exhibits and have nothing listed on their sites at this time.  Good timing…there is plenty of other art to fill the void this weekend.

Sat – 2pm – Art Series 2010 – Petaluma Library.  The Friends of the Petaluma Library will be hosting Birth of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Musee d’Orsay at the Petaluma, including a docent from one of the fine arts museums in San Francisco.  I have attended both Impressionist exhibits currently in S.F. and am amazed that many of these paintings are finding their way to our sleepy little town.  It is no wonder that Petaluma is becoming known as an art haven and destination.  Featured will be nearly 100 paintings by 19th century artists, including Manet, Monet, Renoir, Sisley, and Degas.  Next Saturday (July 17th) the Library will host Impressionist Paris: City of Light, which explores various aspects of life in and around the city in which many impressionist artists came of age.  This is a truly unique opportunity to see world class art without having to drive to the city, although I highly recommend that trip too.  If you go during the week you can visit both exhibits and make it home before the Novato Narrows even hits at its afternoon backup.

Sat – 2-7pm – Pelican Art GallerySave the Gulf Art Auction & Poetry Open Mic – A Benefit for The Louisiana Bucket Brigade.

Sun – 11am – 9th Annual Art and Garden Festival – Downtown.  This is another great event brought to us by the Petaluma Downtown Association.  “A showcase of Petaluma’s artistic and horticultural splendor, the ninth annual Art Garden Festival returns for another day-long celebration of food, wine, art and gardens. As its name implies, the Art Garden Festival honors the arts and horticulture produced in the Petaluma area with an array of local art garden accessories, fine crafts and handmade jewelry in addition to food and wine tasting. Many local restaurants will be offering samples of their cuisine. Wineries and creameries will offer food pairings of cheeses, breads and fruits and ideas for savoring food and wine. Live bands will be performing on stage all day covering a variety of music styles all guaranteed to have you dancing in the streets. Over 100 booths filled with beautiful arts and crafts, gardeners, farmers, community organizations, and merchants.”  –

Fri – 8pm – Dimensions Gallery – On the Road to the Starlite Motel – “Bailey White first achieved popularity reading her local color essays on National Public Radio. Her stories both evoke and transcend their South Georgia settings.  Petaluma Readers Theatre brings her characters to life with fun and lively interpretations of her colorful stories. You will be tickled, moved, amused, and thoroughly entertained by these incredible stories.”  Tickets required.

Sat/Sun – Pelican Art Gallery continues its “Masters of Today” exhibit, featuring Christopher Schink & Camille Przewodek through August 7th.  I am particularly drawn to Ms. Przewodek’s work and am not surprised that she is one of California’s most respected Plein Air artists.  I like to read through Pelican’s website prior to viewing their exhibits since it gives me a greater appreciation for the artists and for what I am looking at in their paintings.  Heck, I didn’t even know what a Plein Art artist was but am glad I did some research before viewing Ms. Przewodek’s paintings because it gave me a more informed perspective.  (Plein Art artist paint in the “open air” as opposed to painting indoors from a picture or from memory.)

Sat – 4-7:30pm – Open juried reception for Gallery One’s “Artful Garden” exhibit (on display through July 31.)


Sun – ??? – Swiss Picnic – I have no further information finding nothing online about the picnic or a website referring to any kind of Sonoma County Swiss club.  If you have info please let me know ASAP and I will update this posting…and if you are involved in the organization and/or event please pass my blog Community Events & Online Calendars along to your fellow club mates.


Fri – 6:30pm – Get some exercise before the weekend starts with Athletic Soles’ Dame’s Dash and Drink.  It’s free and you don’t have to be an avid runner to enjoy these runs.  Distances ranging from 3 to 6 miles, with discount refreshments to follow at Tres Hombres.  For info on all their events visit  Holly of Athletic Soles just posted a great blog about warm weather running at Pacing Petaluma.

Fri/Sat/Sun  – World Cup – I know we are coming into the finals of the World Cup and every bar in town seems to be opening up early/staying open late for these games.  I know that Maguire’s, McNear’s, La Dolce Vita, TAPS, and Beyond The Glory are all heavily involved.   I am going to assume that someone will notify me when all the football stuff is over.

Fri – 6:30pm – The Wine Country Baseball League hosts the Napa Knights vs. the Sonoma Crushers at Napa Valley College –

Sat – All Day – The Wine Country Baseball League – Cardinal Newman High School is this week’s location for another minor league triple header.  For more info about this new league read my article in the Argus at and my blog at

Sat – 4:30pm – Petaluma Speedway – The points race is heating up as the season progresses.  Don’t miss the best show in town; nothing beats dirt track racing.  Bring earplugs and a couple of warm blankets because “Candlestick North” gets chilly even on these warmer summer evenings.  And bring your appetite because the burgers, dogs and tri-tip sandwiches are just what the doctor ordered.  If you haven’t been before, this is some of the best excitement money can buy.



Fri – 6:30pm – Movies in the Park – This week’s film is “Planet 51.”  There is live entertainment with King Baldwin playing prior to the movie, along with food, drink, and raffles.  For more info:

Fri/Sat – 8pm – Dimensions Gallery – On the Road to the Starlite Motel – “Bailey White first achieved popularity reading her local color essays on National Public Radio. Her stories both evoke and transcend their South Georgia settings.  Petaluma Readers Theatre brings her characters to life with fun and lively interpretations of her colorful stories. You will be tickled, moved, amused, and thoroughly entertained by these incredible stories.”  Tickets required.


MUSIC: (type of music)

Fri – 6:30pm – King Baldwin will perform at Lucchesi Park prior to the Friday night outdoor movie.  For more info:

Fri – 6pm –The Peter Weller Sextet Jazz group performs in Theater Square every Friday night through Sept 3rd as part of the Theater Square Summer Musical Festival. This is not to be confused with the world renowned Cinnabar Theater Summer Music Festival, which begins August 19th and continues through September 12th.  See Cinnabar’s website for more info.

Fri/Sat – 8pm – Karaoke with Kat Kat at The Willowbrook Alehouse.  I debated which section to place this in since Karaoke is as much a sport as it is music, but either way it is always fun and often surprising.  I have heard some of the most incredible voices hidden away in a hole in the wall karaoke bar.  One of the few places in town with a late night menu, the Willowbrook’s kitchen stays open until 1am.  Saturday night offers free pool.

Sat – 6pm – The Theater District Summer Music Festival continues with Old Jawbone playing bluegrass/Americana in Theater Square.

Sat – 9pm – The Living History Railway Museum (better known as the Yellow Barn) will have music and dancing to the Ham on that Sofa. This is an Aqus event – Special Member’s Mixer and activity will happen from 8-9pm, and the general public event starts at 9pm. Proceeds from the bar will not only benefit your dancing skills, but also the Petaluma Heritage Trolley Plan!
There is plenty of parking, and taxis will be available.  Tix $5

Sat – 9pm  – Midnight Transit – Brixx

Sun – Art and Garden Festival

11am:  Randy & The Special Agents  – Blues at its best

12pm:  Hillside Fire – Local rock favorites

1:30pm:   Zebop! – Santana Tribute Band

3:30pm:   Zoo Station –  The Complete U2 Experience  

Mystic Theater

No events this weekend

Phoenix Theater

Fri – 8pm – Hillside Fire, 26MPH, Our Vinyl Vows, Zap Syndicate, The Mud, The Blood, The Beer

Sat – 8pm – hosted by DJ Amen – Mob Figaz Reunion Tour Featuring Husalah, Fed-X, AP.9, Rydah J. Klyde, and the Jacka


Fri – 5:30pm –   The Friends of the Petaluma River “Cruisin’ on the River” tour is booked for tonight but will be back next week.  FPR was gracious enough to donate tonight’s entire cruise to a Cinnabar Theater fundraiser and the winning bidder and her guests will enjoy the private tour this evening.  (As one of her guests I will report back on my experience in an upcoming blog.)  It is great to see charitable organizations sharing what they can with other charitable organizations.  This is some of what gives Petaluma its sense of community.   The tours run roughly two hours and include wine and cheese, as well as a docent to teach you things you never knew about our river.  Friends of the Petaluma River hosts these tours most Friday nights, and reservations are highly recommended.  You can find more info about tours and private charters at:  

Sat – 10am-4pm – “Power Up” – The Penngrove Museum of Power and Implementation.  This is probably the last time the PMPI will be open to the public this year so don’t miss it.  To read more about this “Power Up”, see my previous blog – A Museum That Is Big On Power

Sat – 10:30am – Downtown docent tour (free) –

Sat – 2-5pm – The Petaluma Farmers Market (free) –


Fri – 7 p.m. – Copperfield’s Books is hosting Sylvia Browne.  If I weren’t busy, I would go down to ask her why she never applied for James Randi’s (Skeptic Society) “million dollar challenge” up for grabs to “anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event.”  Can you tell I am a non-believer?  I may or may not believe in powers greater than our own, or too complex for my little brain to understand but I highly doubt Sylvia Browne has them, sees them, or understands them.  But she is a New York Crimes best-selling author, and I am not, so she does have one up on me.

Sun – 9:20am – Journeying with Others: an Exploration of Faith Communities – Mahakaruna Buddhist Meditation Center (downtown Petaluma.) Expand your understanding of other faiths by attending services with a group in an open and loving setting.  This event is free but requires registration.


Hobbytown –

Fri – 7-9pm – International Plastic Modeling Society

Sat – 10am-6pm – Magic the Gathering 2011 Core Set Prerelease Tournament 


Monday–Friday   – 9am-3pm – Small Craft Summer Camps – This the second and last summer camp, which is open to 12 students age 12 to 18. Students will learn the basics of rowing, outrigger canoeing and kayaking and possibly standup paddling.

Monday–Friday   – 9am-3pm – 5-Day Greywater Installer’s Course – presented by Daily Acts at Cavanaugh Recreation Center.  If you didn’t know, Petaluma now allows greywater systems so that less greywater goes down our drains and more goes onto our lawns and gardens.  The course cost $595 dollars and will teach you “basic plumbing, design, maintenance and landscaping skills needed for four types of common greywater systems. By course end, you’ll know how to properly install a code-compliant washing machine and simple systems under the new California state code.”  There is also a free (to Petaluma residents) presentation on Tuesday, July 14, from 7-8:30pm.  Since Tuesday is not the 14th, you may want to double check with them for the correct day/date.



6am – Track Workouts with Dame or Holly from Athletic Soles.

7-10pm – La Dolce Vita game night  

7-8:30pm – Greywater presentation – Daily Acts – Cavanaugh Recreation Center.


4:30-8pm – Petaluma Evening Farmer’s Market –

Thursday, July 15

   7pm – Copperfield’s Books – Brian and Wendy Froud – “The Heart of Faerie Or

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