Every year during the Summer Music Festival, Cinnabar Theater presents a crown jewel to entertain Petalumans.  Last year it was Handel’s Water Music, played from a barge anchored in the Petaluma River turning basin.  This year promises to make just as big a splash even though it will happen a few blocks west of the river.  Tonight (Sept 3rd) at 8:30pm Cinnabar Theater, in partnership with the Petaluma Film Alliance, will present the 1923 Lon Chaney black and white classic “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”  What is truly spectacular about this presentation of this silent film classic is three fold:

1) The film will be screened in our very own mini Notre Dame – St. Vincent’s Church.  If you are new to Ptown, steer yourself (and your family) towards that big ol’ cathedral looking building bounded by Western, Howard, and English Streets. 

2) Just as the silent movies of yesteryear were often accompanied by live music, so will this presentation.  Flying in all the way from Dallas, Tejas, composer Paul Slavens will be joined by a live band for a true old school silent movie experience.

3) Last but not least, the bells of St. Vincent’s Church will chime in perfect time with Quasimodo’s ringing of Notre Dame’s bells in the movie.

…genius…pure genius.

The best part is that the movie only costs $10.  And if you want to grab some dinner first,

Roy’s Chicago Doggery will be selling food in the courtyard prior to the show.   If you haven’t had a Roy’s dog you are in for a real surprise.  Did you know that there are hotdogs that are not made with crappy fillers and unknown parts?  Yup, the dogs that Roy’s has shipped from Chicago are made of beef brisket.  Yah Baby!!!  I have eaten in their restaurant (at the stockyard on Corona Road) many, many, many times so I am looking forward to my first Roy’s hotdog cart experience.  The only downside is that I won’t be able to enjoy my dog with one of their world class milkshakes.  If they are serving their reuben or chili dog count me in for two!

Support a classic Petaluma charity and get your culture on at the same time at the Hunchback screening, 8:30pm, Friday night at St. Vincent’s Church.  For tickets visit Cinnabar Theater’s website.

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