Nothing gets my attention quicker than the sight of cup cakes (except, maybe the sight, sound, smell, or mention of bacon.)  Personally, I love attending a party where cup cakes are served instead of other Zerts.  That way I get to taste a number of different flavors without completely destroying my diet. 




Well, if you are throwing any type of party this weekend, I suggest picking up some Bijoux Cup Cakes.  I happened past Bijoux Cup Cakes this afternoon and discovered that they have rolled out an entirely new cupcake menu just for All Hallows Eve.  Whether you prefer to keep your kids off the streets on Halloween or are maybe having an adult party, these cupcakes are sure to please.  And these don’t just look great, but they taste great.


I was in the mood for something with peanut butter so I opted for the “Twisted Sister” but was thoroughly impressed with the rest of the selections.  I thought the coolest looking was the “Frankenbrains”, which appears to have brains popping out of it.



The flavors for this weekend are:

Howl the Owl


Bleeding Heart

Cookie Graveyard

Monster Munchie

Scaredy Cat

Twisted Sister

Scary Carrot

Vampire Bite

Moon After Dark

Pumpkin Clove

Carmel Apple

You may want to call ahead or go in early to place your order since these things will be flying off the shelves this weekend. 

Now that the coffee shop has shut down inside the neighboring Lucky’s, Bijoux will be opening up a bit earlier during the week.  They will open at 9am for espressos, but cupcakes won’t be coming out of the oven until around noon.


Don’t forget to ask them about their Betweenkie. One of my first blogs was about the Betweenkie and it has been my favorite ever since.

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