Spring Cleaning?

It is a bit early for spring cleaning but for a lot of us that pile in the corner of the garage is something we swear to address every waking New Year’s morning.  If yours is like mine, it is more than a mere pile in a corner.  It either [...]

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Visible Eclipse

  "His defeat is like an eclipse of the Sun or Moon; does it harm the brightness of these bodies?" - (from a speech made in 597 BC, in support of a general who had recently suffered defeat, and was in danger of execution. He was reinstated!)***     [...]

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...now that I have your attention. Petaluma Pie Grand Opening - Saturday, December 16, from 1-4pm. Free pie tasting, music, and good cheer! Nothing fixes a cold, wet day faster than some tasty pie and a warm atmosphere and Petaluma Pie Company has both. Whether you prefer savory or sweet, or [...]

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The Fat Man’s Coming!!!

You won't find this listed in Petaluma360's "Things to do in Petaluma this weekend." Rumor has it that Petaluma will be graced with Santas today.  That’s right, “Santas”…plural.  If you have been waiting all year to see Santa arrive via the lighted boat parade this evening, you may want to [...]

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Top 25 SoCo Restaurants

Heather Irwin, of the infamous Bite Club blog, is running her yearly search for the Top 25 restaurants in Sonoma County.  If you don't follow her blog, you should because she is at the center of all things food here in Sonoma County.  If she isn't a judge at the [...]

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Sugo 2.0

I am not one to fall blindly for the “try new things” school of thought.  If I know something is good there are ample reasons to stick with it.  I have been burned many times by eating at a restaurant and instead of ordering an old standby, I opt for [...]

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Petaluma Pete Needs Our Help

Petaluma Pete’s piano is as brightly colored as his act.  They both make me smile. Even when I encounter his piano sitting patiently in its downtown storage space, it reminds me of all the times I have heard and seen Petaluma Pete playing it around downtown Petaluma.  Sometimes Petaluma Pete [...]

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Restaurant Openings and Closings

It has come to my attention that there have been some slight adjustments to the restaurant scene here in Petaluma.  Some of these I have witnessed first-hand, while others are mere hearsay, so take this blog with a grain of salt.  (Pun intended)  If you know of any new places [...]

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Don’t Waste Your Vote…

 YOUR VOTE IS NEVER WASTED AS LONG AS YOU VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE.  Three voting myths: Voting Myth #1:  A single person won’t make a difference. TRUTH: This is a misleading statement because it ignores the fact that we “single persons" can group together to make a very powerful and meaning [...]

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Dinner for 45 cents???

Yup...you read that correctly...that is $0.45...45 shinny pennys.  For just under a buck you can treat your sweetie to dinner! Mister McGloo's is celebrating their 45th year in operation with a buffet style dinner tonight for only 45 cents.  I haven't been to McGoo's in a while so this is [...]

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