Christmas Experiment – Buying Local??? (Part 2)

Local Christmas Experiment: Part 2 – Craft Fairs and Baked Goods How easy would it be to find a reasonably priced local tree and decorate it with locally crafted ornaments and lights?  The short answer? – not very.  And not without hitting our pocketbooks pretty hard. The first thing we [...]

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Christmas Experiment – Buying Local??? (Part 1)

Local Christmas Experiment: Part 1 – To Tree or Not to Tree. During our weekly trek through the Petaluma Grocery Outlet, my partner broached the idea of us getting a Christmas tree this year.  Living in a fairly small space for the past few years, we have never before set [...]

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SPEAKEASY – newest restaurant in town

...and from what I know of Petaluma, its culture, and its food, I think Speakeasy will be with us for a very long time. On our way to Petaluma Pie Company, after a bit of browsing at Copperfield's books, we wandered by Speakeasy (located on Helen Putnam Plaza right [...]

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Where should I watch the Petaluma Nationals on Saturday?

The Petaluma Nationals are one step closer (just one win away) to earning the title of American Little League Champion.  They won their game today with 11 runs and are now scheduled to play this Saturday (August 25) for the National Title.  (If they win on Saturday, they play on [...]

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Taste of Petaluma 2012: Part 1

In the interest of time, and my hunger, today's episode of "Taste of Petaluma" will feature mostly pictures.  The event is this Saturday (August 25) and tickets can be purchased at Gallery One or www.tasteofpetaluma.com for $35 (PRICE GOES UP TO $40 ON THE DAY FO THE EVENT.) Well, by [...]

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Taste of Petaluma (2012)

Whether you have lived in Petaluma for years, have recently relocated here, or appreciate weekend visits to its charming downtown shops and restaurants Taste of Petaluma (TOP) is for you!  Taste of Petaluma is a culinary walking tour of downtown Petaluma’s best restaurants, shops, and galleries, coupled with a great [...]

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Last Minute Gift Ideas…

With only two days left until Christmas (likely less depending on where you shop) filling your last minute gift needs can be stressful.  And keep in mind, this isn’t any regular two days…a trip across town that would normally take ten minutes is going to drag on as if you [...]

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Historic Petaluma Boat Returns.

If you want to use the D Street bridge on a Friday afternoon, you are going to run the risk of getting stuck in traffic.  With boaters sailing in from all over the west coast, it is not unusual to see the bridge raised at least once an hour for [...]

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Taste of Petaluma, Part III

(This is Part 3 of my Taste of Petaluma series.)   If I haven't convinced you yet that Taste of Petaluma is a great way to experience multiple restaurants, I am going to give it one more shot.  Your visit not only helps support local business but all the [...]

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Taste of Petaluma, Part II

(This is Part 2 of my Taste of Petaluma series.) One of the rare benefits of being a food blogger is that I sometimes get invited to taste and write about food events.  For the past several years I have been invited to attend and write about Taste of [...]

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