Amber and Roger - Speakeasy style

…and from what I know of Petaluma, its culture, and its food, I think Speakeasy will be with us for a very long time.

On our way to Petaluma Pie Company, after a bit of browsing at Copperfield’s books, we wandered by Speakeasy (located on Helen Putnam Plaza right across from Petaluma Pie Company.)  As we stood outside marveling at the unique heatlamps (they have long visible flames) and oooing and awing over the menu, a bearded chap walked over the say ‘hi.’  After a bit of a chat we learned that he (Roger Tschann) and his partner Amber Driscoll were the co-owners of this new Ptown eatery.

It is hard to explain the appeal of Speakeasy but it is there, and it is there in spades.  We were on our way to eat somewhere else but were drawn back to Speakeasy.  After pie, we stopped back in for a nightcap, which is kind of the idea that Roger and Amber are shooting for.  They wanted to open a restaurant that was less about the turn and burn and more about enjoying good food, relaxing, and visiting with friends deep into the night.  They wanted a place where people would come and hang out, and from what little time we spent there, I think they succeeded.


There is something old, and warm, and familiar about Speakeasy.  Once you look in, you want to go in.   Once you go in, you want to sit down.  And once you sit down, you don’t want to leave.  The friendly staff, the quiet conversation coming from other tables, and the incredible smells coming from the kitchen …they all make you want to stay and eat and drink and enjoy.  If this is the way we felt without even tasting the food, I know that Speakeasy will quickly top our list of “must visit” spots when we are roaming around downtown Petaluma in the evening, and into the night.

Although we were too full to stay and eat, we will be back for dinner in the next week and will report back what we find.  The menu is creative and enticing, and the plates we saw not only looked great but smelled great.  The menu changes depending on what fresh local ingredients are available so if you walk by and see something you like, you better stop in and try it.

Stay tuned for more…

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