In the interest of time, and my hunger, today’s episode of “Taste of Petaluma” will feature mostly pictures.  The event is this Saturday (August 25) and tickets can be purchased at Gallery One or for $35 (PRICE GOES UP TO $40 ON THE DAY FO THE EVENT.)

Well, by now you are all familiar with TOP, as well as my love of local ingredients, locally owned restaurants, and what I consider the best cuisine in the world…which comes from right here in my own backyard – Petaluma.

Pictures do no justice to the flavor of this pizza.

Today’s “Mini-Taste” had us starting at Everest, which has fast become Petaluma’s go-to Indian cuisine restaurant.  Gopal has been serving some of the most creative dishes you will ever find in an Indian restaurant, including the most innovative pizza I have ever tasted.  Laura (the Petaluma Queen of Cuisine – and creator/organizer of Taste of Petaluma, as well as the Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff) has been ranting about it for years but surprisingly I had never had it.  My family and friends visit Everest at least monthly but are always taken in by its Apricot dishes, which are phenominal.  I finally tasted the pizza and it is not to be missed.  For TOP Gopal will be serving kababs – one with chicken and a veggie served with housemade cheese instead of the normal tofu.  Both were excellent.  …but I am heading back for the pizza.


The sushi was so good that my fellow writers had nearly demolished the plates before I could even get my camera out.

Our next stop found us at Paradise Sushi and Grill.  This is one of two new sushi places in town and is located in the Golden Eagle Shopping Center…or whatever new name they have just branded it with.  The great thing about Paradise is…THERE IS AN ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT OPTION!!!  Nope, I am not kidding, and it is very reasonably price – we eat there almost weekly.  Along with a great ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT price (just about everything  on the regular menu is part of the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT menu), the sushi is fresh and tasty and the owner/chef is always smiling.  That makes a difference to me.  When you are eating in the same room as the chef, as you always are while dining on sushi, you want to the atmosphere to be fun and light.  Gustavo makes you feel like family.


Next was a stop at Punjabi Burrito.  Although not new to Petaluma, this is their first year joining TOP and we could not be happier.  With a pleathera of healthy choices, there menu has something for everyone.  For TOP they will be serving a blackened chicken, which was flavorful but not over burnt, as many restaurants will do when they “blacken” something.


Then came Petaluma Pie Company, which has been one of my favorites ever since they opened up in Putnam Plaza a little over a year ago.  Angelo and Leena do an incredible job of sourcing local seasonal ingredients and then mixing them and stuffing them into both sweet and savory pies.  You can never go wrong with Petaluma Pie Company, whether just looking for a snack, or looking for a full-blown meal.





Last but not least was Viva Cocolat.  Lynn opened Viva a few years ago and has been serving the region’s sweet tooth ever since.  With a combination of house-made, domestic, and imported treats I have never been short of choices when visiting.  For TOP Lynn will be serving fondue, along with a locally produced port from Sonoma Valley Portworks (they are open for tours and tasting most days – they are next to Aquis near the Foundry Warf.)




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