What does a County Supervisor do?

I’d like to share with you some information I have learned in my years of voting for County Supervisors, both in and out of our county.  County Supervisors have almost no jurisdiction over city affairs.  Other than a few things like Highway 101, and the rare issue of mobile home [...]

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Vote Your Conscience

Your vote matters…but make it count. I have tried to vote in every election since my 18th birthday – it’s an obligation more than a right.  The rest of the world wants to either be here or be us, and a big part of calling ourselves American revolves [...]

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A Great Weekend for a Stay-cation…

Driving north on 6th Street I had a hard time making it through the D Street intersection.  The traffic on D Street seemed to be backed up as far I could see.  I then remembered that it was Friday afternoon and the draw bridge was probably up in order to [...]

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Nothing Beats Wood-Fired Pizza…

  You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough         to eat six. - Yogi Berra There is something unique and organic about firing a pizza with natural wood in an earthen oven… more than just the natural smoky flavor.  Did you know that a wood [...]

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April Showers Bring May…

Showers?  …”bring May flowers” is the way I learned it as a child, and I guess this year holds true to that adage.  The flowers are prolific, whether they are the roses of our residential streets or the wildflowers at Helen Putnam and Shollenberger Park.  But I can’t remember a [...]

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Two Great Events; One Great Weekend

Saturday, May 22, 2010 Vine & Barrel’s Fourth Annual Italian Wine Tasting will be held this Saturday at 3pm.  If you are a fan of wine than you are probably a fan of Italian wine and if you are a fan Italian wine than Vine & Barrel is the place [...]

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Vine & Barrel re-opens in a new location!

  Vine & Barrel, Petaluma’s premier independent wine seller, recently opened its doors at 113 Petaluma Blvd N., a few doors down from Starbucks.  I have a feeling this Main Street location will finally give V&B the exposure it deserves.  Petaluma local, Jason Jenkins (who is also an Argus-Courier wine [...]

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Tax Increase Will Hurt Petaluma

The Petaluma City Council will meet tonight to discuss, among other things, increasing the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT).  This is a terrible idea and if you care about Petaluma and its economic prosperity, I encourage you to attend the meeting and voice your opposition.  For those of you [...]

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Last two performances of “The Gondoliers”

Don't miss one of the last two performances of "The Gondoliers."  You owe it to your kids to take them to this show. For pricing, tickets and showtimes visit www.cinnabartheater.com   What better way to end a day filled with sugary snacks (See my blog “What is a Betweenkie?...”) than to [...]

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What is a Betweenkie? All I know is that it’s good for you

…well, okay, maybe it isn’t good for your diet but as I like to say, “It is good for the soul!” A Betweenkie is a slice of cupcake heaven that is sure to quash your Twinkie carving for ever more.  What?  You don't have Twinkie cravings?  Well, you are going [...]

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