About Rivertown

My name is Houston and I am a Petalumaholic. If it has to do with Petaluma, I am reading about it, visiting it, playing in it, or eating it. I try to participate wherever I can in this community that I under-appreciated as a kid. A big fan of food, I revel in Petaluma’s vast and diverse restaurant, brewery, and winery scene and volunteer or visit every Petaluma food festival, event, or “feed” that I can. I am an Elite Yelp reviewer and in my free time blog as often as I can about the food, as well as the parades, festivals, events, people, and businesses that make Petaluma such a great place to live. I encourage your feedback and look forward to serving the community through my Petaluma 360 blog.

Taste of Petaluma

Petaluma’s moment to shine is fast approaching, which means your chance to try Petaluma’s best culinary offerings while strolling through downtown is also right around the corner.  Taste of Petaluma is a culinary walking tour of downtown Petaluma’s best restaurants, shops, and galleries, coupled with a great selection of regional [...]

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Penngrove Power and Implement Museum 2011

 THE MUSEUM IS HAVING IT ONCE YEARLY OPEN HOUSE THIS SATURDAY, JULY 9, 2011, FROM 10AM - 4PM.  And if you stop in to Yanni's Sausage (I never pass through Penngrove without stopping in for one of their homemade sausages), tell them Houston sent you.  They are just about the [...]

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Explore Petaluma’s backroads by bike

Hop on your bike for the upcoming Sonoma County Backroad Challenge (May 21) and you will find a couple of great new west Petaluma rides. The Sonoma County Backroad Challenge is the main fundraiser for Petaluma Sunrise Rotary Club. It is a bike ride that winds through the countryside west [...]

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350 Home and Garden Challenge

I was walking with the GF and our dog back from the park when we ran into a young woman picking leaves from a fruit tree.  From half a block away, I knew exactly what she was up to.  She was placing the leaves into a bag, and her face [...]

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Chili Cookoff: Eat the Heat!!!

This Saturday, May 7th, marks the 14th Annual Great Petaluma Chili Cook-off, Salsa and Beer Tasting.  The event has become a Petaluma institution and is always a crowd favorite.  This isn’t hard to believe with over 40 chili and salsa teams battling it out for top honors.  And don’t forget [...]

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Butter and Egg Days

The first major event of the year is upon us, and it is shaping up to be a good one.  I was downtown hanging a banner for the upcoming Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff, Salsa, and Beer tasting event and witnessed some rare sites. (Save the date for Chili - it is [...]

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Lions Club Breakfast…

...get it before they close up shop at 11 am. I will post more about the parade and other festivities shortly but I just returned from the Lions Club Breakfast, which as with every Butter and Egg Day's Parade, is located in the parking lot between and Water [...]

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PHS needs your mouse clicks

This is the best kind of fundraiser because it costs you nothing more than a minute of your time and couple of your mouse clicks.   Those outside the loop may think of rural communities as a dead end, especially when it comes to raising their kids.  The thought of raising [...]

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Pork Chop Heaven

"There is poetry in a pork chop, to a hungry man" - Philip Gibbs (NY T[Cr]imes 1951)   Let me clear something up right off the bat so as to save you ladies a breath.  Which breath?  The one you likely gasp every time your boyfriend retrieves leftovers from the [...]

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Food for thought … and art, in this case

In my opinion, the best kind of fund raiser is one where I get to eat lots of good food.  More specifically, I like a fundraiser that doesn’t even feel like a fundraiser – where I get to eat great food for a great price and the “fundraiser” part comes [...]

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