imagesCAKL6YEJThere is nothing quite so disheartening (and infuriating?) as a measuring cup that “spills” instead of “pours.” I shouldn’t have to pour at a microscopically precise angle and an infinitesimally precise volume in order to have it pour properly.

I’m talking to you Pyrex!!!

You deliver never ending disappointment. You suck in all sizes. Maybe instead of producing infinite capacity options you should concentrate on produce just one single cup that pours properly. Your big one is especially frustrating in that it holds enough flour to turn my kitchen into a desert, enough silage to create quicksand pit, and enough liquid to refill the Salton Sea. The only saving grace is that there are few things as funny as watching Lili the Chihuahua slipping and sliding along the vinyl floor, ‘spinning her wheels’ as it were, trying to escape the tsunami of orange juice or apple cider vinegar chasing her out of the kitchen.  But I digress.

Seriously! It’s a goddamned measuring cup!!

1) I put in what I want to measure;

2) I measure it; …and then

…wait for it,

……wait for it,

………wait for it;

3) I pour it out.

I am never ever ever never ever going to leave it full for the rest of eternity. I PROMISE! If I pull it out of the cabinet you can rest assured I plan on pouring something out of it. Every single dingle time! This means that ease-ability of pouring is a pretty important feature. In fact, when it ‘spills’ instead of ‘pours’ its primary benefit (accuracy) is all but lost because an inaccurate amount of material has just spilled into my recipe.

Maybe I am simply a poor pourer and need to pore over the some online instructional videos, but let’s be honest with ourselves, is that really a ‘skill’ that needs to be honed? It’s a freakin’ measuring cup…it’s a simple devise…it should be simple to use.

Maybe this explains why I, and many of my breed, don’t bother to measure anything. (It’s kind of like asking for directions. I don’t need ‘em; I know what I’m doing/where I’m going …well, approximately enough.)

355px-Reading_the_meniscus_svg(Or maybe it is the anxiety caused by meniscus. Most liquid measuring devices are calibrated to compensate for the effect of meniscus. Hint: proper measurement is from the center of the meniscus, as illustrated.)

(…ya, okay, I guess I lean more towards the “infuriated” side than the “disheartened” side on this one but that’s how I get when “cooking” leaves my socks soaking wet.)

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