…get it before they close up shop at 11 am.


I will post more about the parade and other festivities shortly but I just returned from the Lions Club Breakfast, which as with every Butter and Egg Day’s Parade, is located in the parking lot between and Water Street and the Boulevard, across from Helen Putnam Plaza, right downtown.

Breakfast is scrambled eggs, sausage, and some excellent french toast.   Drinks are included, with juice for the little kids and coffee for the big kids. 

Plenty of seating...

The breakfast runs until 11am and is $6.  The money goes to a good cause, and you won’t find another place in town that will serve you food so quickly and with such a friendly smile.  It is my favorite way to start the Butter and Egg Days weekend.

If you are just waking up and want to see what downtown looks like prior to the parade, and grab a great breakfast, head on down before 11am.


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