Meat Two Ways. …on a stick…and in a bowl!

My name is Houston and I am a Petalumaholic.  If it has to do with Petaluma, I am reading about it, visiting it, playing in it, or eating it.  I try to participate wherever I can in this community that I under-appreciated as a kid.  A big fan of food, I revel in Petaluma’s vast and diverse restaurant, brewery, and winery scene and volunteer or visit every Petaluma food festival, event, or “feed” that I can.  I am an Elite Yelp reviewer and in my free time blog as often as I can about the food, as well as the parades, festivals, events, people, and businesses that make Petaluma such a great place to live.

I encourage your feedback and look forward to serving the community through Petaluma 360.  If you want to follow my blog without having to log into Petaluma360 you can do so by adding my feed to your homepage.  Click on the orange “RSS” button at the bottom right of this webpage.  Copy the web address of that link and then open your normal Yahoo (or whatever) homepage.  There should be an “add content” option which will allow you add RSS feeds.  The link on your homepage is minimal in size but it helps my page gain popularity, which I greatly appreciate, and will encourage me to “rant, rave and review” more often.


I love me some piggy belly!!!  (at Tara Firma Farms, getting in touch with my inner pig farmer.  They are located at the end of I St. and are open to the public from sunrise until sunset with numerous hiking trails and lots of farming.)


At Cinnabar Theater’s 13th Annual Great Petaluma Chili Cook-off, Salsa and Beer Tasting event with Petaluma’s Mayor (Pam Torliett) and The Chili Empress/Queen of Cuisine (Laura Sunday)

The Zcar – 2005 at The Stick