June 11, 12, 13


I have added a new section to my “Things To Do” weekend update…Sports.  If anyone has suggestions for additional categories, by all means pass them along.  Also, if you know of activities that you would like to see included, please let me know.  I especially like to include community events and fundraisers, like firehouse pancake breakfasts, rotary sponsored spaghetti dinners and everything in between.  I have a soft spot in my belly for “feeds.”  …or is that a soft belly because of “feeds”?



Fri/Sat/Sun 11:30am – World Cup at La Dolce Vita…GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!  I am a fan of football, not football, but lounging around La Dolce, enjoying some wine (hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere…) and watching sports of any kind sounds like a blast to me.  Check out their website for a full list of events, including game nights, specials and other events.  http://www.ldvwine.com


Sat – All Day – Minor league baseball is back in the wine country!  The Wine Country Baseball League’s inaugural season starts this weekend at Cardinal Newman’s brand new field with a triple header.  One of the games pits our very own Petaluma Piratas against the Rohnert Park Dragons.  If you haven’t heard, the WCBL is the newest independent minor league and promises world class ball.  . 

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Sat – 4:30pm – All that noise you hear on Saturday night might seem like a nuisance, but that is only because you haven’t taken the fam to the best show in town…dirt track racing right here in our own back yard.  Bring earplugs and a couple of warm blankets because “Candlestick North” gets chilly even on these summer evenings.  And bring your appetite because the burgers, dogs and tri-tip sandwiches are just what the doctor ordered.  If you haven’t been before, this is some of the best excitement money can buy.




Fri 8pm/Sat 8pm – Cinnabar Theater’s “Emmeline” is drawing to a close this weekend.  With record attendance and national acclaim, I had to check this out for myself.  I attended the Wednesday night performance and was blown away.  Seeing opera in such a small venue is not only pleasing to everything from the pocketbook to the palette but to all your senses.  Unlike a large opera house, I could actually see the actors’ expressions.  Although in English, it easily could have been sung in any other language because I knew exactly what was going on just by watching the actors’ reactions to each other.  And as always, the kids who participate in the production are world class.  The composer of this opera actually flew in from New York because he had never seen his piece performed with such a talented group of child actors.  But don’t let that leave you thinking this is a kid’s opera.  This is full blown adult opera at its best.  And they let you take your wine, beer, soda and snacks with you to your seat.  It makes no sense to pass up on any of the $1 Zerts that are offered either.  I can personally attest that the double-chocolate chews and caramel corn are Surf Party U.S.A!  www.cinnabartheater.com


Fri 7:30pm – “My Suicide” will be screened at the Phoenix Theater.  Written, acted and edited by local talent, this will probably be the last local screening before this award winning film is publicly released.  I have seen this movie twice and look forward to being able to own the DVD when it is finally available.  It is a powerful movie that appeals to all ages.  The great thing about this movie – and what will make it a cult classic, if not a commercial blockbuster – is that it is a great movie, from a storyline, directing, acting and editing standpoint…all on its own, even if you are someone who would prefer to avoid the tough topics of daily life. This is not a depressing movie, so don’t avoid it because you are looking for something more “entertaining” to spend your movie dollars on. This is a GREAT movie, all on its own. With stellar performances from veteran actors like David Carradine (in one of his last performances) coupled with brilliant young talent, like local phenom Gabriel Sunday “My Suicide” is the full movie experience.  It will make you laugh and it will make you think; you will come away with a greater sense of being.  This is also a worthy fundraiser for the Phoenix Theater.     www.mysuicide.net                   www.thephoenixtheater.com


Sun 8-10pm – Movie night at La Dolce Vita.  La Dolce’s monthly movie night will feature “Sixteen Candles.” http://www.ldvwine.com/



Sat 4-7pm – The Petaluma Downtown Art Walk only happens one Saturday a month, and this is the Saturday.  What?  You didn’t know we had an art walk?  With write-ups in regional papers proclaiming that Petaluma is become a gallery mecca, it’s time you took the family out for nice evening downtown to check it out.  From Haus Fortuna to the Petaluma Arts Council with some unexpected participants such as Viva Cocolat and StarStruck Boutique & Gallery, this is great way to enjoy downtown.  For a full list of galleries and events go to: 



Sat/Sun – Special congrats to Pelican Art Gallery for winning the Petaluma People’s Choice Award for Best Art Gallery.  This is one of many awards they have won, but for use Petalunatics, this one is the most prestigious.  Pelican is hosting the vibrant “Masters of Today” collection running through August 7.  If you haven’t visited them lately, this is a unique chance to meet one of the artists while visiting the gallery.   Additionally, Pelican’s framing is bar none – the best in the county – so if you have a recent diploma or an old family photo to frame, take it in to Pelican and they will set you up with exactly what you want. www.pelicanart.com


Sat/Sun – Gallery One’s continues its “Mixed Media” exhibit through June 26th. 



Sat/Sun – 12-4pm – The Petaluma Arts Council continues to exhibit “A World Defined: Drawings and Sculptures by Chester Arnold and Edwin Hamilton” as well as the very popular “Art And Infrastructure: Patricia Johanson and the Petaluma Wetlands Park.” 




Fri – 8:30pm – Black Zeppelin will be performing at the Aquarium Bar.

Sat – 8:30pm – J Kevin Durkin will be playing jazz in the Lounge@Graziano’s.

Sun – 8:30pm – The Radiators plus the Sorentinos will be playing at the Mystic Theater



Fri – 6:30pm – Dame’s Dash and Drink is a free run put on every Friday night by Athletic Soles.  You do not have to be an avid runner to enjoy these runs, with distances ranging from 3 to 6 miles with discount refreshments to follow at a local restaurant.  Once I am back up to the 3 mile mark, this is where you will find me on Friday evening.



Sat – 10:30am – The free downtown docent tour, offered by the Petaluma Museum has returned after a one week hiatus.  Most of the docents were participating in the Sonoma County Historic Society’s 25 mile walk to Tomales last Saturday but will return this Saturday to their normal downtown docent duties.    www.petalumamuseum.com


Sat – 2-5pm – The Petaluma Farmers Market continues its summer run on Saturday in Walnut Park. www.petalumafarmersmarket.com



Fri – 9am-Noon – The Point Reyes Bird Observatory (PRBO) is holding its last day of a week long Bird Camp for Kids, at its Petaluma headquarters.  I know it is too late for you to catch this one, so bookmark their site and keep an eye on my blog for future PRBO events.  www.prbo.org


Sat – 6-9pm – 5th Annual Homemade Lasagna Feed to benefit Paula Lane Action Network, research and education in open space, rural land and wildlife habitat protection.  I can’t resist a good old fashion “feed” of any kind so this is probably where you will find me on Saturday night.     http://tinyurl.com/35zngu5


Sat – 9am-2pm – The Wine Country Flyers will be hosting a “learn to fly” clinic in Geyserville, for those of you interested in radio controlled airplanes.  This is a great way to try out some planes before deciding if you want to get into this hobby. 

For a great article read: http://hobbies.blogs.petaluma360.com/10162/learn-to-fly-0612/


Hobbytown, USA has the International Model Builders Society on Friday night follow by “Model Building Day” on Saturday from 10am-5pm.   www.hobbytown.com


Have another great weekend and keep in mind that the risk simply isn’t worth the return so please don’t drink and drive.  The PPD will be out in force so play it safe and assign a designated driver.  In this town, even walking home after drinking can land you in jail.