June 4, 5, 6, 2010

Once again, we are embarking on another weekend full of activities, all within a stone’s throw of our front steps.  Many of us will be attending graduations but that doesn’t mean we can’t get into town for some extra-curricular activity.  When I look over this list, it reminds me why Petaluma is such a special place to live.  This weekend’s highlights include a historical walk from Petaluma to Tomales, a backyard garden tour and a day of free instruction on the river, in a variety of boats.  Mix in some music, some art and some food and you have a 5 star vacation, all within easy reach of your front door. 


Fri 7pm/Sun 3pm – If you haven’t read the rave reviews, Cinnabar Theater’s west coast premier of “Emmeline” is drawing in a crowd from all over the bay area.  The reviews have been spectacular and are rolling in from the S.F. Chronicle and the Sacramento Bee, just to name a few.  So great was the anticipation for this performance that composer, who is known world-wide, flew in from New York, specifically to see the opening.  In addition to the Friday 8pm showing, there will be a matinee, at 3pm on Sunday.  www.cinnabartheater.com

Sat/Sun – 12-4pm – The Petaluma Arts Council continues to exhibit “A World Defined: Drawings and Sculptures by Chester Arnold and Edwin Hamilton” as well as the very popular “Art And Infrastructure: Patricia Johanson and the Petaluma Wetlands Park.”  Additionally, there will be a special tour of Edwin Hamilton’s studio on Saturday, June 5th.  The PAC is located one block east of the D Street drawbridge, which makes for a nice leisurely walk, after maybe picking up some snacks at the Farmer’s Market or a burger at Walnut Grill or maybe even a fillet mignon salad or bruschetta trios at Sugo.  http://www.petalumaartscouncil.org/

Sat/Sun – All of the downtown art galleries are worth a visit and can easily be visited in a couple of leisurely hours but Gallery One’s “Mixed Media” exhibit is particularly interesting.  11am-5:30pm www.petalumagalleryone.com


Fri/Sat/Sun – Wonderbread 5 will be playing at the Mystic Theater on Friday night.  Check their website for the rest of their weekend schedule.  www.mystictheatre.com

Fri/Sat – The Phoenix Theater will be hosting multiple DJs for its Jamsessions 9 on Friday night followed by Bones Thugs-n-Harmony on Saturday night.  www.thephoenixtheater.com/calendar/


The free downtown docent tour normally offered by the Petaluma Museum has been cancelled this weekend but will return next Saturday at its normal 10:30am start time.   This week the docents will be participating in the Sonoma County Historic Society’s walk to Tomales, mentioned below.  www.petalumamuseum.com


Sat – 2-5pm – The Petaluma Farmers Market continues its summer run on Saturday in Walnut Park. http://petalumafarmersmarket.com/

Sat – 10pm – Aqus will be having its Club Aqus launch party, but it is by invite only.  Luckily, your invite is waiting for you, just as soon as you sign up through their website.  www.aqus.com

Sat – All Day – The Sonoma County Historical Society is hosting their “annual 20-25 mile walk.”  This year’s event will take you on an all day walking adventure from Petaluma to Tomales, where buses will bring you back home.  Along the way, you will be treated to breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with sites that are not well known even to us locals.  I am especially intrigued by part of the route, which follows the Petaluma-Santa Rosa Electric Railway right-of-way from Petaluma to the town of Liberty.  Also mentioned is a stop at the Frank Glazier Motor Museum, a museum I have never heard of and which is apparently only opened up for special events, like this one.  According to their site (www.sonomacountyhistory.org), “The purpose of the walk is threefold: to increase health through walking, to learn about Petaluma’s and Tomales’s unique histories, and to promote Sonoma County…(and) will be of particular interest to historians, naturalists, artists and photographers, farmers, antique collectors, motorists, and railroaders.”  I will be out of town on Saturday or else I would be signed up already.  Check out Yovanna Bieberich’s article in the Argus

Sun – 9am-3pm – FREE Boat Rides!!!  The Petaluma Small Craft Center Coalition will be holding its annual “Day on The River”. According to their site (PSC3), you can, “try an eight-oared rowing shell, a six-person outrigger canoe, and other human-powered watercraft, including kayaks and traditional rowboats, as well as stand-up paddling and pedal boats. Dozens of volunteers from local clubs that practice these sports and activities year-round will be there to help anyone and everyone who wants to experience the thrill of small boats.”  If you are like me, you sometimes forget how much of our region’s history and culture, as well as our future growth and recreation are tied to the river.  This is a once a year opportunity to get on the river and try out a whole bunch of different types of boats, all with the help of local experts.  Although I have my own kayaks, you will find me at this event because they will have boats I might not be able to try otherwise.

Sun – 9:30am-4:30pm – Sonoma County Master Gardeners (http://groups.ucanr.org/sonomamg/) present their annual Bloomin’ Backyards Garden Tour and this year’s edition unlocks the gates to five Petaluma gardens (and one in Cotati).  “Tour a variety of backyards tended by six outstanding Master Gardeners in Petaluma and Cotati and learn how they all met challenges on their sites with creative solutions from the ground up. Plantings meet the needs of their land and lifestyles but also show how underlying challenges can become positive elements in a garden’s design.”  You can reserve tickets online but I prefer to visit Tuscan Gardens to purchase mine.  www.tuscangarden.com  Sharon and Rose always have a great selection of items for both my garden and my home and I like to spend my money locally whenever I can.

Fri/Sat – As always, there is something going on at Hobbytown, USA.  This Friday night is a special dNano Micro RC racing event along with their normal weekly “Magic the Gathering” tournament play.  On Saturday, you can join the Redwood Empire Model Shipwrights.  www.hobbytown.com

Have another great weekend and keep in mind that the risk simply isn’t worth the return so please don’t drink and drive.  The PPD will be out in force so play it safe and assign a designated driver.  In this town, even walking home after drinking can land you in jail.